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Every Child Deserves a Good Childhood :)

Our Community.... Our Children
Who we are?

Our charity is committed to providing underprivileged children with the support they need to create a brighter future.

Every Young Person Deserves a Good Childhood

That’s why we fight for the hope and happiness of young people when it’s threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. We see the hope and courage in young people every day, and it inspires us to support them through their most serious life challenges.

Now we’re stepping up the fight for hope and happiness at a time when it’s under threat like never before. Our goal and vision are built around the hopes of young people, to achieve long-lasting change for this generation and the ones to come.

We support foster youth and provide resouces for them to realize their gifts and gain confidence, so they can achieve success in school and life.

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They Care. Do You?

Here is how you can get involved and make a change

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Speaking of Sponsorship & Caregivers

Sponsors and Caregivers share their love of helping children

“There are so many kids living in foster care all around the USA and you may not be able to help all of them. But I have seen how sponsoring just one person has brought a life-changing hope to his life.”


“Oh my goodness - the Care Kits are AMAZING! You thought of everything and it was all so nice? I wish I would have known to grab these on the first day of placement instead of the 2nd. It would of been so helpful that first night! Thank you"

Foster Mom

“We would encourage anybody to donate, it’s so easy to spend $28 a month on coffees, magazines and treats without really thinking about it. But for the same cost each month you could change a child’s life.”


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