Make a difference in the life of a child in foster care! Every effort counts towards improving the lives of these children.

Care Kits Help

For some children in out-of-home care who have experienced traumatic development as a result of neglect or abuse, it has been traumatic.

Comfort & Necessity For Children In Need

Foster Quote

“I have bragged about the Care Kits since we got them with our new placements.  The blankets in them are so soft and the babies really love them.  The toiletry items are all great and we have actually used the soap and love it.  They are so well put together and so appreciated! The clothes are all super cute and fit well.  You can tell a lot of thought went into putting them together.  The duffel that they came in is super cute and will be good for overnight stays with family or a day at the sitter with lots of room for extra clothes.  Oh and the indestructible books that came in each bag!  Those are awesome!  Perfect for little hands and mouths. I’m so thankful for those care kits!  They are a true blessing.” 

Foster Parent

Children facing difficult times—like placement in foster care—can feel lost, scared or alone and may have few possessions. The sometimes-sudden upheaval of their lives means they may not have basics like a change of clothes or a toothbrush. Through our Care Kits program, they receive their own kits full of age-appropriate personal items, creating a sense of comfort and security.

Many Kids Come Into Care With Just What They Are Wearing.
We Provide:

  • Warm Blanket
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Clothing
  • Hygiene Products
  • Diapers & Wipes for Babies

What's A Care Kit?

A fresh set of clothes, a clean pair of socks and a new toothbrush can make a world of difference to a child entering foster care. We provide and deliver care kits for children going into foster care to support them as they make this transition.Care Kits are for ages infant to 18 years old and we also offer gender neutral bags.

Care Kits Are For All Ages

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