Your donation can help provide children in foster care with essential needs such as food, education, and emotional support. Your contribution can also help create awareness and advocacy for foster children’s rights and needs. Overall, donating to our cause can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and give them a better chance for a brighter future

Care Kits

The Care Kit Program started when we quickly realized children were coming into care and came with nothing but the shirt on their back (and it is often in the wrong size!). With short notice and limited on-hand supplies, caregivers are often running around at the last minute gathering what a new child will need. Our Care Kit program minimizes the stress of preparing for an incoming child by providing all the basic necessities for them. Each bag includes a pair of pajamas, one to two outfits, socks & underwear, diapers, wipes, hygiene products, a book or toy, and an age-appropriate comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket, etc.). These bags are distributed to local foster care agency offices and can be requested by caseworkers, foster, and relatives/kinship families.

Foster Hearts Store

Monthly shopping is FREE for any child currently in foster care, age birth to 18, and those who are in the Extended Foster Care program. Currently, shopping is by appointment only. We provide clothing, shoes, bedding, and supplies for infants, children, and teens.

Fun 4 Fosters

A large majority of kids in foster care may have never had the opportunity to experience any educational, athletic, or social activity. But Foster Hearts has set out to change the sad story for as many children as possible. Through our Fun 4 Fosters Program, we pay for a wide variety of activities that the state does not pay for. Some examples of the activities or items that we can fund include: • Music Lessons • Athletic activities, including sports registration and equipment • Classes or lessons for art, language, science, and other educational or recreational topics • School/church field trips • Summer camps • Zoo or Theme Park admission When you think back to your childhood, you may have special memories of spending time with friends, enjoying summertime adventures, and simply making the most of every moment. With your contribution, we can ensure that every child in foster care can do the same.

Food 4 Fosters

Providing food and snacks to our counties' Department of Children, Youth, and Family Service offices. These are used while children and youth for visits while awaiting placement, during transportation, family time visits, or anytime the need arises.

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