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Caregiver Supports

— Liaison Services

Foster Hearts offers liaison services for a small yearly fee of $25.00 (tax deductible). You will be assigned a liaison to work with you as your personal liaison and mentor for the year. Support services to include:

  • Licensing Assistance (first time licensing or renewal)
  • Enhancing connections between Caregivers, Child Welfare and Licensing Division
  • Assistance completing paperwork (first time licensing, licensing renewal and adoption support)
  • Foster care monthly reimbursement payments, mileage reimbursements guidance
  • Staffing Meeting Support including Family Team Decision Meetings (FTDM’S)
  • Allegation & Investigation Support for CPS/Licensing 
  • Placement Support
  • Working with Schools Effectively
  • Adoption Information/Support
  • Kinship Information/Support
  • System Navigation
  • Indian Child Welfare Support (including working with the tribes)

The support we offer is not limited to the above.


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— Foster Parent Exchange Whatcom County

Join the online Facebook group to offer items to exchange, sell or trade and seek or share support or resources.

— Foster Parent Exchange Island, Skagit & Snohomish County

Join the online Facebook group to offer items to exchange, sell or trade and see or share support and resources.

— Food 4 Fosters Program

Is your foster child dealing with food insecurities during the pandemic or do you need help with diapers or wipes? If your foster family has been impacted in this way due to Covid-19 please request below for assistance.

— Foster Parent Alliance of Washington State

FPAWS  Foster parents come at this work with hope and desire to make the life of a child better. FPAWS recognizes that caregivers are at different places along the path in the journey towards helping children. FPAWS wants to meet you where you are and help in any way we can. We bring hundreds of years of knowledge gathered, of relationships developed, of experience in all things foster care, to do the best we can to provide that support.

  • Through our foster care support line for comprehensive resource, referral and information sharing (1-800-391-2273)
  • FPAWS Board Regional Representatives can be relied on as a local resource for collaboration, fundraising and advocacy efforts
  • FPAWS Regional Conferences in each region bring together local resource providers, to share information with caregivers, as well as offer training hours

— National Foster Parent Association

The National Foster Parent Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization established in 1972 as a result of the concerns of several independent groups that felt the country needed a national organization to meet the needs of foster families in the United States.


— DCYF Forms

Find DCYF Forms in their database. 

— DCYF Employee Directory

DCYF Employee Directory lets you find contact info for social workers and other staff.